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Alejandro García / Violinist and Musical Director of Mariachi Sonidos De México

Mariachi Sonidos de Mexico USA
Alejandro Garcia, born in December 21, 1989 in Tijuana Baja California was the fourth child born into a traditional Hispanic family. His father Jose Garcia, who was also a music instructor was passionate about Mariachi music, and his mother Rosa Maria Rodriguez was the typical housewife.  Alejandro’s father began to teach him how to play the violin when he was about 7 years old, as well as to read and understand music. Alejandro would practice on a daily basis, and even on his free time. 
Furthermore, at the age of 13 his studies became more intense, and more profound. That same year he was hired for his first gig (presentation).  Not knowing that this gig would be the begging to a lifelong career, and would open so many more opportunities.  So in 2005 Alejandro was privileged to be able to enroll in Orquesta De Baja California (OBC) a prestige academy of music and fine arts.  Where he would master his technique as a violinist, and be offered employment at Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Alejandro without hesitation accepted the offer, and left his home town.     
Once in Puerto Vallarta he was introduce to Antonio Huerta, also known as, “El Niño,” who at that time was one of the best Jazz instructors in town.  Antonio thought Alejandro everything from music theory to vocal lessons. The impact that this man had on Alejandro was unbelievable. After a few years Alejandro return back to his home town of Tijuana Baja California, but with more knowledge and experience. 
He was then offered a position for the first time to be part of a professional Mariachi group Estrella de Jalisco, who was managed by Ernesto Molina. There he begin performing at the Hollywood Bowl next to one of the world best Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan.  Furthermore, his reputation and talent brought him more opportunities.  He was later hired by Mariachi Los Toros, Internacional de Mexico and Imperial de Mexico to mention a few.
Moreover, after so many years of study and performing in different events Alejandro decided to branch out, and create his own Mariachi group in San Diego, California.  Which he name it, “Sonidos De Mexico.” His group will incorporate the old traditions, as well as the new trend in mariachi music and more. By proving the clients with the best ambient in music and maintaining professionalism.
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